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Gaurav Varma - HR Manager
Orbit Software Development Centre Pvt. Ltd

I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for the exceptional work of Orbit and their team, and in particular, the incredible recruitment skills of Jofin & Smitha. I have had the pleasure of working with them for the past two years and have been consistently impressed by their ability to quickly assess candidates' minds and close senior-level recruitments with ease and convincing abilities.

Orbit is a well-informed and well-networked recruitment firm, and their forward-thinking abilities bring about a unique blend of professional and entrepreneurial qualities. I highly recommend Orbit to anyone looking for a skilled recruiter who can provide excellent candidates with high levels of integrity, creativity, and personability.

I have personally witnessed the exceptional work of Jofin & Smitha, and I can attest that they know their work well and ensure they provide the best service in the most well-organized manner. They have helped me fill key positions on several occasions, and I have been thoroughly impressed with their dedication and professionalism.

In conclusion, I wish all the best to Orbit and their team, and I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of top-level recruitment services.

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Rajesh Mishra
Hr Manager - Infosys

"You may think you know HR, but it is not worth reinventing the wheel when you can partner with Orbit Global HR Consultants LLP. Their team is action-oriented and always available to assist in a friendly and professional way."

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Deepinder Sing
CEO - Infomatrix

"Orbit is a great partner. They have always taken the time to understand our goals as an organization and align themselves with our requirements. In the last three years of working with them, we have hired several candidates that they presented and it has worked out well for us. I will recommend Orbit to anyone who is looking for someone who will go above and beyond for them."

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Shaloni, HR
ISS Software Development Centre Pvt Ltd.

Finding a recruitment consultant who can provide you with top quality permanent staff each and every time can be difficult to say the least.  However, if you are lucky enough to find such a consultant, I highly recommend that you hold on tight to them. That is exactly what we at ISS Software Development Centre Pvt Ltd have done. Jofin & Smitha (Orbit) has worked on numerous vacancies for ISS Software Development Centre Pvt Ltd over the past two years and has succeeded in providing us with candidates of the highest  calibre. Smitha takes the headache out of recruiting, as she only sends us the three or four best candidates, having personally carried out in-depth formal interviews with them on our behalf.  Having worked with many different recruitment consultants before finding Orbit I can honestly say I need look no further!

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Bhupendra Singh Negi
( Manager - HR )

"We are delighted to work with a young, energetic and dedicated team of Orbit, looking forward to have a long association with Orbit"